Nicholas Megalis Most Idiotic Vines!

Doing nothing lately? You’ve probably found yourself groping for your phone checking your Facebook or Instagram accounts, opening your laptop surfing the internet to stream movies, or turning on the TV to pass the time. No matter how is it that you spend your time, we seem to be hooked to the idea of getting entertained. Nowadays, more and more teenagers find themselves whether inside to outside of their homes, doing less physical activities and becoming all the more sedentary.

We believe it is high time for the new generation not to be passive but be proactive! With all the opportunities that technology offers us today, there is no reason that we stay stuck with non-productivity. There is so much we can do in the internet world!

We give you another example of a web sensation who did use his talents well. Presenting 26-year old Nicholas Megalis, from Brooklyn, New York. He was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and moved to Ohio. He recorded his first album, “I See the Moon” at sixteen years old.

He became very popular on Vine as he already accumulated almost five million followers and his video posts looped more than eight hundred million times. He is famous for his “Accent” videos and also sings occasionally in his posts.On March, he published his first book Mega Weird.

We’ve compiled twelve of his most idiotic Vine posts ever!


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