This is the Most Ridiculous NFL Draft Training Video of All Time – But You’ll Love the Way It Ends

We here at Qlty Ctrl have become HUGE fans of Dude Perfect, primarily because of their creative, over-the-top viral videos of trick shots. This time around, they have taken NFL prospect and former Texas A&M wide receiver Travis Labhart through an intense NFL draft training course that requires him to do some of the most ridiculous workouts and drills that he has ever done. Keep in mind that NFL draft training is intense in general – but this course is going to shed a whole new light on the issue. For example, catching footballs with thick layers of Vaseline on your hands, running drills catching fish instead of footballs and showing off your touchdown celebrations as a drill all by themselves are just some of the things that Dude Perfect made Travis do in this hilarious yet captivating NFL draft training video.


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