This News Anchor Believes That All Black Actors Look Alike

The KTLA 5 newsroom had to receive a substantial amount of backlash from this controversial footage of an entertainment report and news anchor that interviewed Samuel L. Jackson about his upcoming role in the “Robocop” remake. However, to get things started off, he asked Jackson what type of feedback he had received from his starring role in the Super Bowl KIA Commercial. The only problem was that Samuel L. Jackson was not in that commercial – that was Laurence Fishburne.

After nailing him to the wall about this horrible mistake and distorted racial profiling, Samuel L. Jackson then caused the video to go viral with such responses as, “I am the other black guy in a commercial” and “There must be a short line for your job.” If you haven’t seen or heard this hilarious footage yet, you can watch the full clip right here at Qlty Ctrl.

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