Must-See Vines of Thomas Sanders!

Born on April 25, this energetic young lad from Florida is breaking out on Vine! With almost 6 million followers and over 2 billion loops, Thomas Sanders has definitely become a top celebrity on Vine! By all means, how has Sanders captivated the eyes, ears and the hearts of the crowd? Well, there are actually a lot—a whole lot of reasons!


  • Owning an incredibly amazing voice, who cannot lend an ear to him! This amazing balladeer (sometimes together with his other equally fantastic pals) creates his renditions of popular songs of famous singers. More than that, he actually sends shoutouts to his followers—in a song, of course!


  • He remains a kid at heart. In his vines, he does the epic Pokemon and Disney pranks to his friends and family members as well—including his mom! In a couple of videos, does “impressions” on the voice of Stewie from the Family Guy.


  • His Storytime vines are what his followers are tirelessly waiting for. In these posts, he narrates made-up stories of actual strangers he meets. Look at their totally hilarious unscripted reactions!

  • Gym is EITHER is LOVER or NEMESIS! It’s funny how he has this love and hate relationship with the gym. His motivations below are completely awesome!

  • Last but not the least, he will make a great DAD! In a couple of his posts, his role plays show how he would be as a dad. We say, he would be a fabulous father any child would have!

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