Mrs. Doubtfire 2 – Masterpiece in the Making or Just Another Stupid Sequel?

You might have already heard the news – especially since it almost immediately became a trending topic. A sequel for the 1993 classic movie, Mrs. Doubtfire, is currently in the early, early, early stages of development. Rumors have it that Robin Williams will be on board to reprise his role (because he clearly needs the money.) How do you feel about the concept of Mrs. Doubtfire 2? More than likely, you were one of the people that contributed to the $400 million box office earnings when the movie first came out. If you were not born yet in 1993, then you likely have seen the movie either on DVD or TV. Whatever the case, you probably have very strong feelings about the mere concept of a Mrs. Doubtfire 2 even being thought of in the first place.  What do you think about it — masterpiece in the making or another stupid sequel?

Check out everything that our friends at Clevver Movies has to say about Mrs. Doubtfire 2 in the video above.

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