Movie Trailers that Were Way Better than Their Own Movies

Movie trailers are deceitful. Perhaps that’s what they are meant to be. We always enjoy the teasers and an idea of what to expect in the movie. More often than not, however, producers tend to pick the juiciest parts of the movie and put them together in the most dramatic way possible. The idea is to raise up your desire and get you waiting for the movie. It works. Sometimes, the trailers get better than the movie. Here are a couple we think outdid the movies.

  1. Transcendence

The trailer looks amazing. Things are fast paced making it look like an amazing Sci-Fi movie that will leave you fully entertained. This never happened. Johnny Depp disappoints, and so do the graphics. Just watch the trailer and move on.

  1. Superman Returns

The trailer is full of promising graphics and returned hope for Superman. The movie is nothing near this. For some weird reason, it is about a creepy stalker and bad father whom they want us to take as superman. If he doesn’t lift a lot of stuff and punch things into walls then it isn’t superman, any man can be a bad father.

  1. Terminator: Salvation

I wonder who thought a terminator sequel would be a clever idea. That person should be the one to congratulate for making such an impressive trailer. He or she should also point the actual movie producer so that we can boo him for the shoddy job he did.

  1. Battle: Los Angeles

The trailer is impressive and full of action. We can feel mankind trying to ward off the attacks and survive. The movie is slow and boring. I bet there is no way of making such an unbalanced fight fun on a movie.

  1. Man of Steel

Let’s get something straight. Zack Snyder is awesome at graphics. That is why all his movies have awesome trailers. His movies are bloated, confusing and occasionally off the hook. When it comes to Superman, he is only interesting when kicking some butt. You can’t do that in an entire movie. That’s why Man of Steel, and other Superman movies will always have awesome trailers.

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  1. Prometheus

Prometheus trailer got us expecting so much from the movie. With such a wide plot to cater for and an anxious audience to appease, the producers must have panicked when preparing the final cut of the movie. That would be the only logical explanation to the movie.

  1. The Blair Witch Project

I think there is no way in which you could convince me that 70 minutes of people wondering in the woods and arguing about a map is more interesting than 2 or so minutes of the same. This is the only reason I find the trailer more interesting than the movie.

  1. Cliffhanger

Cliffhanger is just a Sylvester Stallone movie on mountain climbing. How interesting could that be? Well, you guessed right. It isn’t interesting. The trailer, however, is interesting and different. At least you do not have to bear with a narrator telling you what is happening, or will happen.

Movie trailers are like adverts. They should be interesting to make people turn up for the movie. Sometimes, however, producers overdo it making the trailer more interesting than the actual movie.

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