Instead of Digging a Hole in the Wall, This Mouse Can Just Ring a Tiny Bell to be Welcomed Inside.

This Mouse Has to Ring a Tiny Bell to Get Inside of a Door!

Most mice have to dig holes and tunnels in order to get around – especially inside of a home or their favorite room with a house. That is, of course, unless you are one of the mice owned by MouseAgility. This YouTuber takes pride in training his pet mice to do a number of different tricks. This time around, he has taught this mouse to ring a tiny bell in order to get someone to let him inside. As you watch this impressive video, you will ask yourself two different things – (1) Why in the world does this guy have pet mice in the first place? and (2) Where in the world would you even buy a tiny bell that can be rung by a tiny mouse? Some of these questions will never be answered. However, in the meantime, you can take pride in watching this mouse ring a tiny bell just to get access!


tiny bell

This mouse can ring a tiny bell.

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