A Mountain Biker and a Road Biker Have a Rap Battle. Here is the Punchline.

One of the most popular new viral trends on YouTube is epic rap battles between occupations, celebrities, fictitious characters, etc. It seems as IFHT wants to get some of this action for themselves as well – which is one of the main reasons why they have created this viral video with a mountain biker having a rap battle against a road biker to determine which one is the best. Within this particular rap battle, you might notice that the best part is the crazy beat that belongs in all rap battles, but both bikers bring up valid points. That is probably why IFHT asks viewers to determine who is the winner of this rap battle, because the mountain biker and road biker went head-to-head bar after bar. It is definitely an interesting battle to watch and might even convince you to go for a ride on your own bike!


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