Morgan Freeman Has a Nice Chat with Jimmy Fallon – While Inhaling Helium!

No One Can Do It Better than Morgan Freeman.

Morgan Freeman.

There is no way that you can get away from Morgan Freeman. He seems to be everywhere – especially since he is the very best at voice-over narrations! Many people have tried to mock Morgan Freeman’s voice, such as Frank Caliendo when he read the homecoming essay written by LeBron James. However, not very many people could pull off Morgan Freeman…inhaling helium! That’s exactly what Jimmy Fallon was able to explore recently on the Tonight Show when he and Morgan Freeman were able to have a great conversation while inhaling helium. Keep in mind that Morgan has been one of the most highly praised actors for over three decades – but his voice has led to him basically establishing a highly successful career as a voice-over artist and narrator. Therefore, by watching Morgan and Jimmy Fallon completely change that amazing voice by inhaling large quantities of helium from a balloon just seems to make everything that much better. It seems as if Jimmy Fallon always seems to find a great way to make sure that we are able to find new ways to laugh at A-list celebrities and award-winning actors. By getting Morgan Freeman to do this with him on The Tonight Show, it is clear that he is not going to stop doing so. Don’t you agree?


Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman chats with Jimmy Fallon…on helium!

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