Shut Up And Take My Money: Monitor Your Health And Fitness

Monitor Your Health and Fitness With These Cool Stuff!

1. Excelvan Bluetooth Smart Wristband Healthy Bracelet Sports Sleep Tracking Health Fitness for Android Cellphone (Black)

This smart bracelet with OLED screen clearly displays health parameters including steps, calories, distance, time and sleep quality. With silicone adjustable wristband and light weight feature, you can wear it comfortably, such as running, climbing. When you do exercise, it can record your sports data. When you sleep, it can monitor your sleep. All these data can be synchronized and analyzed on your smart phone. It’s our pleasure to help you have a funny life and a health life!

2. Excelvan?Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Health Bracelet Adjustable Wristband with OLED Display/ Sport records / Time display / Sleep monitoring/ Activity Tracker for iPhone 5S/4S, iPad 3, Samsung Galasy S4 and other Android 4.3 and Later Smartphone

1. This smart bracelet is only for one user at same time! If others want to use your smart bracelet, the previous data must be cleared!
2. Data on your smart bracelet will clear automatically at 00:00 everyday, but data that were synchronized to devices can be stored for 7 days!

  • This Smart Bracelet can diaplay the time, steps, distance and calorie clearly. Let you know your sports data right now!
  • Snyc Sports Data,Share with Friends
  • It has a unique standard USB port in the host. So it is available for charing with computer and battery bank without any other charing components.
  • Built-in silent vibration mode, a silent remind alarm that gently vibrates to remind you at your desired time without disturbing your partner

3. Dr. Scholl’s DR8573F Full-Back 5 Motor Cushion Massager

Hot/Cold foot massager provides hot shiatsu massage for sore or achy feet and cold shiatsu massage to refresh or energize tired feet.

  • Shiatsu massaging nodes for deep muscle relief
  • High/Med/Low intensity to three independent massage zones
  • Easy-to-use toe touch buttons
  • LED indicator light, red for heat, blue for cold
  • AC Powered

4. Aenmil® Lightweight Fitness Smartwatch Smart Bracelet Health Watch Wristband Wrist Wrap Sports Watch with Intelligent Sleeping Monitoring, 3D Pedometer, Time/Date Display, Temperature Display, Calories Record and Exercise Date Memory Function (White)


1. Built-in 3D acceleration sensor with high sensitivity,can catch your each small action,Making more accurate pedometer.
2. It can trace your burning calories,movement steps,movement distance,and also could set and inquire the complete of moving goal.
3. With Temperature Display Function, easy for the users to know the environment temperature which he/she stayed in.
4. Strap integrates USB interface,Plug and Play.
5. With the function of exercise date memory,it could view the record amount of movement data by connecting the computer.
6. Time/Date Display,adjust the time with computer synchronization.
7. Intelligent sleeping monitoring,easy for the users to know or improve the sleeping quality.
8. USB rechargeable watch,built-in rechargeable battery,it could be charging and data exchanging by connecting to the computer.
9. Small and light body,Simple and Fashionable, Design of Circular arc for wrist,More comfortable to wear

5. Bluetooth Smart Fitness Wristband Health Tracker Bracelet Caller ID Display Alert Color Black

  • Functions:sport detection,smart alert,healthy sleep,calorie consumption,call ID alert,idle alert
  • Smart Wristband supports Bluetooth V4.0 and has a standby time up to 21 days Long standby time,up to 21 days
  • Support iPhone IOS 5.0 system and Android 4.3 system and above
  • Smart alert:call vibration alert, idle vibration alert, alarm
  • Clearly displays health parameters including steps,calories,distance,time and sleep quality

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