This Molson Beer Fridge Will Open Only if You Can Recite the National Anthem on the Spot!

The Molson Beer Fridge.

In most cases, it would not take much to simply open the Molson Beer Fridge without doing much of anything. However, that is not the case right now – especially on Canada Day.

O, Canada!

Molson Canadian has always remained true and honorable to their home country of Canada, finding new and creative ways to pay tribute to their country in one way or another. For this year’s Canada, they required interested beer drinkers to recite the words of the Canada National Anthem right there on the spot in order to gain access to the delicious and cold brews that were waiting for them inside. You might just be surprised at how people reacted to this challenge and how the Molson Beer Fridge responded to their successful (or failed) attempts. O, Canada! We love your Molson Beer Fridge! (does that count?)

While you are watching this viral video, another great point that you might want to consider is simply, “What if you were faced with the same challenge?” Even if you live in the United States, could you pass the simple test of singing the US National Anthem for a free beer…or would you fail miserably? Just a little something to think about the next time you see a Molson Beer Fridge.

What would YOU do to get inside the Molson Beer Fridge?

What would YOU do to get inside the Molson Beer Fridge?


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