Fathers Should Never Say ‘We’re Pregnant’ – At Least When Near Mila Kunis!

In order to sympathize with the expecting mothers of their children, there are quite a few men that willingly say such things as “We’re pregnant” or “We’re having a baby.” In most cases, this is viewed as romantic and sweet – primarily because it shows that the man is emotionally connected to his woman and is okay with admitting that the two of them are struggling and suffering through the life-changing experience together as a couple. However….there are certain people that absolutely hate that statement when it is coming out of the mouths of expectant fathers. Mila Kunis is one of those people. During a recent visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live, Mila Kunis had the opportunity to ventilate her frustrations. Keep in mind that Mila Kunis is currently pregnant with Ashton Kutcher’s baby…so she more than likely has a very good idea about this particular topic. Her rant of utter bitterness and frustration is eye-opening and hilarious at the same time!

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