See How Mike Tyson Bullies Dana White – Wait For It

Mike Tyson has not been in a professional boxing ring in quite some time. He hasn’t been in his “prime” since the mid-90s, especially leading up to his climactic battle against Evander Holyfield where he had to resort to head-butting and ear-biting. However, even years after Mike Tyson officially hung up his boxing gloves, he is still one of the most scariest people on the planet!

Keep in mind that (even though he is on “hiatus” from boxing), his hands are still registered as deadly weapons. Therefore, if Mike Tyson tells you to do something, you better do it! That is one of the main reasons why the video of Mike Tyson punking Dana White has gone viral. It remind us of just how intimidating Mike Tyson is in real life. Many people think that Dana White shouldn’t said something or stood up for his seat.

The realistic thing to do, though, is exactly what Dana White did — get up and move ASAP. You have to also take this encounter with a grain of salt, because Dana White and Mike Tyson are close friends, so this was clearly staged. However, the reminder still stands – Mike Tyson is a scary, deadly and dangerous dude inside and outside of the ring. Thank you, Sports News 24/7, for posting this video and allowing us to share it with the world!

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