Watching This Michael Jackson Hologram Is Just Like Watching the King of Pop in Real Life

When the concept of a Michael Jackson hologram being one of the performances at the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday night was first leaked online, there were quite a few people and critics that had mixed reactions. Some people thought that the idea of a Michael Jackson hologram  was genius while others thought that a Michael Jackson hologram was insulting and unnecessary. However, after they saw the actual performance, jaws hit the floor and even the most doubtful viewers had to admit what they had seen was amazing! Do you remember how people reacted to the Tupac hologram performing at Coachella last year? Well, this time around – millions more got a chance to see the Michael Jackson hologram perform live in a way that will make you think that the King of Pop is still alive. If you don’t believe us, watch the full video here and try to prove us wrong.  Who do you think they will create a hologram of next? Aaliyah? MCA from the Beastie Boys? Notorious B.I.G.? Left Eye from TLC?

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