This Proves That Mayim Bialik Loves Herself Some Breasts

Big Bang Theory actress, Mayim Bialik, clearly loves herself some breasts. There is absolutely no doubt about that whatsoever.

In a recent interview, she stated how she strong feels about breastfeeding in public. She is, of course, no longer breastfeeding either of her sons, but she opened up to the Huffington Post last week explaining that she has no regrets about breastfeeding her babies in public. She said that, “I think anywhere you give a bottle, you breastfeed. I didn’t feel the need to be immodest, but also feel like that’s going to vary from woman to woman…I don’t believe you need to cover up a baby eating anymore than you need to cover up a baby drinking a bottle.”

What do YOU think? Is it the same thing?

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