Maya Angelou – Gone Now, But Will Never Be Forgotten

Maya Angelou suffered so much throughout her life. Keep in mind that she was born in the late 1920s  – a period of time when being an African-American woman was nowhere near as respected and admired as it is today. The concept of the First Lady in the White House being African-American back then was a pipe dream that many people were afraid to even mention in public. However, Maya Angelou was able to overcome so many of the trials, tribulations, struggles and obstacles throughout her life in a way that left a major impact on the lives of others. This is because Maya Angelou found a way to artistically express and empower others with her poetic words – either on a printed page or through spoken word.  Reports have confirmed that she was pronounced dead earlier today, which means that May 28th will forever be remembered as the day that we lost such an inspirational woman and Queen of Spoken Word – Maya Angelou. Gone but never forgotten, because poems like “And Still I Rise” will forever play in our minds and live in our hearts.

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