MARVIN ROSS The Newest WFPF Athlete

Congratulations Marvin Ross from Tampa, Florida for becoming the newest WFPF athlete! Marvin was just featured in the “Parkour” episode (first one ever) of MTV’s “Made” alongside “Made” Coach, WFPF’s Daniel Arroyo (he helps Daniel with the coaching!) Marvin literally “leaped” into the international scene and wowed everyone when the WFPF invited him to compete in “Art of Motion” in Tampa in September 2010 and he finished in 5th place. Ryan Doyle saw his first run and said to us all, “Where did you find this guy?!” Marvin has since competed in “Art of Motion” London and “Art of Motion” Detroit where he finished in the top 10 and won the “Best Trick” award. Marvin is talented, hard working, dedicated, respectful, and if you don’t know it, also an incredibly gifted professional magician!! How did we find Marvin in the first place? We did a nationwide search on and on youtube to find deserving competitors to invite to “Art of Motion” Tampa, and he was a standout and obvious choice! The WFPF is very proud to welcome Marvin Ross as one of its Elite Athletes! Congratulations Marvin on becoming the newest WFPF athlete!

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