Mario Götze is One of Germany’s Finest

The German Bundesliga is on! Football fans have long been waiting for another season of the league. As team versus team clash head-on scoring goals and defending their nets, one cannot deny the football spirit that is heating up the season.

FC Bayern München has won the league title last 2014. With its all-elite team players including the Arjen Robben, Franck Henry Pierre Ribéry, Manuel Peter Neuer and the recent transferee Robert Lewandowski, everybody’s crossing their fingers that once again FC Bayern will be victorious.

But first let’s take a good look at their promising young footballer, in the person of Mario Götze, who played for the team just last season. Surely, this 23-year old stud has been on TV, news and in a couple of soccer magazines, because of his excellent performance as a midfielder. Below we have listed down a couple more things to know about this athlete.

  1. His previous team, Borussia Dortmund, was actually the rival of FC Bayern. Thousands of Dortmund fans were broken-hearted as the news of him transferring to their nemesis came out last 2013.

No pain no gain!:)

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  1. Though having transferred, he remains to have a special bond to his previous teammate, Marco Reus. When Götze signed for Bayern, Reus’ in his Facebook page posted, “Mario has made a decision for his future! Everybody has got to respect that”.


  1. Born to a father who was a professor at the Dortmund University of Technology, it was a little surprise that he chose football as a career. His brothers have also chosen the same path.

  1. He was the front cover of Konami’s video game Pro Soccer Evolution 2015.
  2. Nike had signed a sponsorship deal with him in 2011. Three years later, he was also an endorser of Samsung alongside Cristiano Ronaldo.

Here are my baddest sneakers. Now show me yours? #searchforthebaddest #WMBasketball2014 #partofgoetze

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  1. Götze was the key player for winning the FIFA 2014 World Cup. He scored just in the nick of time at the 113th minute of the game.



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