Marcus Johns’ Vines You’ll be Addicted To

Marcus Johns or Marcus David Johns by birth is known for his appearances in a few films with the 2004 movie The Punisher being his first. Eight years later he was also in the comedy drama-musical Rock of Ages film and still in 2014, he also starred in the teen-flick Expelled.

Born on April 11, 1993, the young lad is actually from West Palm Beach, Florida. He was influenced by his brother to make a Vine account and so he started to put in short comedic sketches from that time on.

Now, he already has over six million followers all over the world. And his Vine posts have already reached more than one billion loops.

Hmm, you might think, what has Marcus got that keeps his followers addicted to every posts he makes. It could be his handsome face? Or could it be his muscular body?

To know for sure (and to see more of his character), how about we check out how his mind is thinking!

Here, let’s take a moment to see these amazing posts that Johns made!

Apparently, he loves to speak in different voices.

He is also a certified prankster.

Pretty much he loves to bike as well.

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