His Wife Refused to Take Any Maternity Photos – So He Decided to Take Some of Himself.

Maternity Photos Will Never Be the Same!

Usually, when you see a set of maternity photos, you are looking at a pregnant woman. If her husband (or boyfriend) is featured in the maternity photos at all, there might be a couple of them where he is holding or kissing the belly. However (in most cases) the husband is never the primary subject of maternity photography for obvious reasons. However, this guy has proven to be the exception to that rule. You see, his wife refused to take any maternity photos while she was pregnant but that didn’t necessarily stop her husband. It is clear that he was more than a little excited about taking maternity pictures – especially since he was even willing to take a few of his own!


maternity photos

Strangest. Maternity photos. Ever!


We want to thank Reddit user DruishPrincess69 for posting these pictures online initially as well as Diply for sharing them with us. Chances are that these maternity photos will revolutionize the world of maternity photography in general. What do you think?


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