Woody Allen Has Struck Oil Again with Magic in the Moonlight

Woody Allen has been able to generate a lot of buzz over the years with each of his big-scree movies. Keep in mind that Cate Blanchett won an Oscar earlier this year from playing the lead character in a Woody Allen movie last year (Blue Jasmine). This time around, Woody Allen has seemed to strike oil again with his newest movie, Magic in the Moonlight. Magic in the Moonlight is definitely going to turn some heads and finally place Emma Stone in the spotlight the way that she deserves. Woody Allen seems to find an effective way to pull out the best performances from each of his actors and actresses — especially those that have been typecast in their careers by previous film roles. After you see Emma Stone in Magic in the Moonlight, you will probably forget about many of the other movies in which she has been featured.

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