Mad Max – Tom Hardy Crushes the Memory of Mel Gibson in Every Single Way in This Trailer!

Tom Hardy – Best Mad Max Ever.

Mad Max. A few months ago, the first images of Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy from the Mad Max set from Warner Brothers Studios were released through Entertainment Weekly. Thanks to the San Diego Comic-Con, we have the opportunity to now enjoy this amazing trailer that will give you a glimpse of what Tom Hardy is going to do. The best part? Tom Hardy is going to crush every single memory of Mel Gibson in this leading role simply because he is an amazing actor. Once you get over the fact that he looks a little like he did when he played Bane (especially when he wears a strange face mask), you will quickly realize that Mad Max is going to live up to its expectation – and then some! Keep in mind that Tom Hardy is accompanied on the big screen by none other than Oscar-winning actress and amazingly beautiful model Charlize Theron. Therefore, there is absolutely nothing that can go wrong!

What do you think about it? What do you think about the fact that they even made a movie in the first place? Mad Max is definitely one of the most classic cult films that has been able to survive on the list of popular movies that were not necessarily mainstream for decades. Some would argue that remaking Mad Max would essentially be like trying to remake Blade Runner. What do you think?


Mad Max

Tom Hardy is amazing in this Mad Max trailer.

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