Live It Like Parrots!

Birds! Birds! Birds! They’re either flying up in the clear blue sky or you spot them seeking shade perching on a branch of a tree. Sometimes they accidentally fly towards your ceiling, too (if you’re not careful enough).

For many years, and much more in the recent decades, birds are not anymore for sport. Most people have found these adorable ones to be kept as pets.

Today, we’re going to tackle about parrots. Below, we will discuss some incredible facts about our winged pals!

1. They’re scientific name is Psittaciformes.

Just like us humans, they’re omnivores. “The diet of parrots consists of seeds, fruit, nectar, pollen, buds, and sometimes arthropods and other animal prey”. –
Photo: An Australian king parrot



2. They can live up to eighty years! So, we can have granny parrots?!

Depending on the breed, of course, they might even outlive the owner!


3. They all have four toes on each limb–meaning they’re zygodactyls!

Two toes are arranged in a way that two are pointing forwards and the others backwards. All parrots also have curved beaks.



4. With regards to breeding, parrots are monogamous! Well, most of them.

Meaning they throughout their lifetime, they only have one partner. Isn’t that just sweet?! If only humans could be like them, too.

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