Lily Allen Debuts a Brand New Side of Herself in the ‘Sheezus’ Music Video

There always comes a time in the average singer’s career when he or she feels the need to completely revamp their image and recreate themselves in order to appeal to a new generation of fans or a broader demographic. Lily Allen definitely fits in this category. With her new album, she is apparently trying to recreate herself and come back with a vengeance – reaching out to an entirely different audience of fans and music addicts. The title of  her album and lead single alone (Sheezus) might make you think about Kanye West (Yeezus). However, watching Lily Allen in her music video for Sheezus is what seals the deal. What do you think about Lily Allen and her new look? Let us know what you think. Has Lily Allen placed a nail in the coffin of her career or has Lily Allen found an effective way to bring her career back to life? You tell us!

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