Life Lessons From 30 Rock

Every time we watch something, we are so obsessed on making it fun we forget the simple lessons we ought to carry off the TV shows or movies we watch. It is quit hard to carry anything out of something you are watching for fun and entertainment. That is why we came up with this Life Lessons from 30 Rock to make things easier.

Always dress to impress

There is no excuse in walking around looking like a farmer or a mechanic. You could do this during work hours, or when in the garage. But hey, if you have to step out of the house, get a tuxedo or an amazing dress, you never know how much confidence it gives till you try it.

Know how to act surprised

Acting surprised can get you out of many problems. It shows that you didn’t know that things were going on. It doesn’t matter what you know, a genuine surprised look will get you out of a great deal of problems. Ask Lemon, he knows better.

Know your limits

This is something we learn from school, bullies, parents, and now from 30 Rocks. Not knowing your limits is a guarantee to disaster. “Its like eating a burrito before sex.”

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