LG Ultra Reality: Meteor PRANK

LG Prank Makes People Think It’s The End Of The World

LG Electronics has figured out the best marketing strategy to win customers over … by scaring them away! It worked when they convinced elevator riders they were plummeting to their deaths and when they made men think hot ladies were watching them in the bathroom. Well, now LG’s team has scared the crap out of people once again — but this time in Spain.

When these unsuspecting individuals entered the office, they were nervous about a job interview, not about the end of the world. That is, until the end of the world happened right before their very eyes! The IPS screen, disguised as a window, was so high-def that people were — apparently — ready to run when they saw the meteor drop.

Whether or not the scene was staged, the tagline “Reality, or Ultra Reality?” gets the message across, and this video does a stunning job selling the quality of LG IPS monitors.

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