Can You Imagine Having Your Recording GoPro Camera Stolen by This Leopard?

Everyone knows that cats are curious. They are notorious for this particular quality — always have been and always will be. The old saying doesn’t go “curiosity killed the…dog.” Curiosity killed the cat for a reason, right? In addition to killing house cats, curiosity has also been known for targeting wild cats as well. A ranger that works at the MalaMala Game Reserve located in South Africa strategically placed a recording GoPro camera directly on a well-planted stand to capture footage of all of the wild animals. However, he quickly discovered that his camera had been moved and relocated to a nearby bush. After he took a moment to scan the captured footage of the recording GoPro camera, he discovered that a mother leopard along with her cub were the ones that found the recording GoPro camera.  This curious leopard actually took the GoPro camera and walked away with it – leaving the recording GoPro camera behind when she was done with it in that very bush.


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