Dear LEGO, Here is Why Everything is NOT Awesome – And What We Can Do About It.

Everything is NOT awesome. That is primarily the message that is being delivered in this viral video from Green Peace Video. If you are not familiar with the play on words, “Everything is NOT awesome” is the exact opposite from the theme and addictive song that was featured in the animated hit film, The LEGO Movie starring Will Ferrell and Chris Pratt. However, Green Peace wants to make sure that everyone knows that “everything is NOT awesome” as long as they continue to use Shell-branded pieces and kits. You might not usually like to watch a PSA, but one that focuses on why LEGO should feel that everything is not awesome is somehow appealing. It is so appealing that over 2.5 million people have seen this video in less than two days. Keep in mind that this viral video will more than likely have you thinking about the LEGO franchise in a whole new light, especially when it factors in the detrimental effect that Shell has on LEGO. What do you think? Do you agree that everything is not awesome when it comes to LEGO right now?


Everything is not awesome

Clearly, everything is not awesome. What can we do?

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