This Leaked Star Wars Airport Footage Will Get You Excited about the New Movie!

Don’t you just love it when there is newly leaked Star Wars footage and pictures that hit the Internet? This content seems to immediately go viral shortly after it has been uploaded simply because it is related to the new Star Wars movie. We know that George Lucas used to have everything tightly wrapped up when he died his Star Wars movies – especially since the era of viral videos and social networking hadn’t yet come around just yet. However, JJ Abrams will have to worry about this from now until the release date of the movie. The best part about this leaked Star Wars footage is that it is not real! However, that doesn’t even matter because the Internet is still gobbling it up as if it was authentically captured from the official movie set. Frank Wunderlich went viral just by posting this fan made video of a Star Wars airport that features many of your favorite large vehicles and equipment from the Star Wars movies. Even though this leaked Star Wars footage is phony, the visual concept is intriguing enough to still keep your attention! We can’t seem to mention enough that this leaked Star Wars footage is not directly from the actual set and it is not official at all – it just a fan made video. However, it very well could be one of the very best fan made Star Wars videos of all time and you will find out exactly why that is the case once you have watched it. Enjoy!

What do you think of this leaked Star Wars footage?

What do you think of this leaked Star Wars footage?

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