The World’s Largest Urban Zipline is Basically Guaranteed to Give You the Thrill of a Lifetime!

Have You Seen the Largest Urban Zipline?

The largest urban zipline is found directly in Panama City. Now, you may have rode on a zipline before – but chances are that it was in the middle of the wilderness somewhere (perhaps in a forest or jungle). However, the largest urban zipline puts you hundreds of feet above the city streets of Panama City – delivering an ultimate thrill that the distant woods and jungles simply cannot offer. Riders start off attached to a very tall skyscraper and then they fly down the zipline until finally releasing their safety cable to parachute their way to safety. Even if you do not have any plans on visiting the largest urban zipline in the world, this viral video of its footage will blow you away! Thank you, Devin Supertramp, for uploading this footage that makes most theme park rides seem boring and dull.


largest urban zipline

Would you ride the largest urban zipline?

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