He Wanted to Kiss Him, But Lance Stephenson Decided to Just Blow in LeBron James’ Ear Instead

When you stand close to a celebrity and you are somewhat starstruck by them, this could lead to a moment of  insanity or hysterical giggling to where you do something that you never would do in any other situation. Lance Stephenson of the Indiana Pacers definitely had this particular type of moment at a recent play-off game against the Miami Heat. As Lance Stephenson was standing near LeBron James, he was definitely within a close enough range to kiss him. For some reason he did not go through with it. However, he did blow in his ear. That’s right — Lance Stephenson actually blew air into LeBron James’ ear. Since that video went viral, Lance Stephenson has become the subject of hundreds of spoofs, memes and other viral pictures mocking the incident. Perhaps Jason Collins was not the first openly gay NBA player after all. Maybe he just beat Lance Stephenson to the punch. What do YOU think?

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