Krispy Kreme Wants to Kill You with 2 New Doughnuts

There are not very many people that have not heard of Krispy Kreme before. Millions of people collectively spend billions of dollars on Krispy Kreme doughnuts each year. They recently announced two brand new doughnuts that will be available for a limited time only — the Mocha Kreme and the Caramel Coffee Kreme.

You more than likely have already heard about these two new doughnuts or even seen the delicious and tasty looking pictures that caused you to automatically salivate. However, what Krispy Kreme won’t tell you is that their two newest additions are also two of the unhealthiest doughnuts that they have ever had. Take a moment to study these nutritional facts for each one:

Caramel Coffee Kreme: 390 Calories20 grams of Total Fat50 grams of Carbohydrates30 grams of Sugar

Mocha Kreme: (Information Not Available on Website Yet) — Coincidence? Of course not!!

Think about that the next time you salivate over the mere sight of a Krispy Kreme box or hot light, because it is clear that this limited special might not be as “special” as it may seem at all.

Lotta Latte

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