Kobe Bryant IS Michael Jordan – Each of These Identical Plays Proves It!

Kobe Bryant is a Michael Jordan Clone!

Kobe Bryant has been circling the questions and comments comparing him to Michael Jordan for years. On the other hand, LeBron James has definitely taken a very different approach. Perhaps you may have thought that Kobe Bryant circled the questions because he was trying to be humble or not even care about the comparisons. However, this viral video proves that Kobe didn’t need to answer those questions – especially since he is a clone of Michael Jordan himself. It appears that Kobe has successfully been able to master every single move and technique that Michael Jordan mastered throughout his athletic career. Spin moves, layups, fade-away shots and even crossover dribbles are just some of the identical plays that have been identified clearly in this viral video developed by Youssef Hannoun

Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant IS Michael Jordan!

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