Kitchen Gadgets Everyone Should Own

1. Iwatani Torch Burner Professional #Cb-tc-pro

Great torch with power. The flame is around 22 cm when full throttle. I use it for cooking: creme brulee, searing beef, charring eggplants for Middle Eastern food, grilling skin side of fish fillets for interesting Japanese touch, getting the perfect texture on salmon belly, and touching up the skin of oven-roasted chicken.

It works perfectly. Just remember to adjust the flame so it is a sharp blue. If the flame is yellow the combustion is incomplete and some of the gas particles will deposit on your food item. No matter what, there will be a slight residue taste using this torch. I think of it being part of the torched taste now. If you don’t like the taste you can buy a few pieces of Japanese active charcoal (binchotan) and let the flame first touch the charcoal before it touches the food. It sounds a bit silly, but it actually removes some of the torch taste.

Buy Now – CDN$ 60.00


2. Instant Read Thermometer – Digital Meat Candy BBQ Thermometer for Cooking – Best Thermometer for Liquids and Sugar – Oven Thermometer with Probe – Wireless Remote – Lifetime Guarantee

Are you tired of thermometers that’s aren’t accurate and don’t work after the firstuse? This Is the LAST Cooking Thermometer You Will Buy! – Lightweight and Durable – Instant Read and Accurate – Working Batteries Included – Auto Shutdown for Power saving The digital cooking thermometers have been tried and tested by everyday cooks and chefs and it has been proved to be better than all other thermometers.

Purchase Now – CDN$ 30.61

3. PanSaver EZ Clean Multi Use Cooking Bags and Slow Cooker Liners

PanSaver EZ Clean Multi Use Cooking Bags and Slow Cooker Liners

What this pan makes perfect than anything else?

  • Pansaver eliminates food-to-hot metal contact preventing moisture from scalding off
  • PanSaver patented contour fit eliminates folds in the liner from trapping servings food does not stick to the PanSaver which reduces waste
  • Makes food safer since food cooked with PanSaver never touches the pan the chance of surface contamination is eliminated
  • Fits 3 to 6-quart slow cookers; 9 by 13-inch oven dishes or standard roasting pans you can also use them to steam vegetables or fish
  • PanSaver IS FDA certified NSF approved KOFK certified and produced in an ISO 9001 environment

Obtain Now – CDN$ 52.90

4. GasOne GS-551 Self-Igniting Butane Cooking Torch

If you buy this torch,You will never regret. This is really good quality torch.Use high quality gasone butane gas, Turn the adjustment know to control the gas output according to different applications, For working efficiently set the inner blue flame of the burner to 1&1/2 to 2 inches in legth. Self-Igniting Piezo Igniting & Safety Adjust able Flame. Anti-Flaring Design. Temperature up to 1300 degres C. Work on Pure Butane Cylinder. Butane gas not include.

Flame It Out – CDN$ 70.17

Be a professional chef by using these cool kitchen gadgets in your kitchen, NOW!

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