King Bach Vines!

This 26-year old Canadian born web star already has over twelve million followers and his posts have been looped more than four billion times.

Andrew B. Bachelor in real life, he posted his first Vine on April 29, 2013. Now it has grown to millions and millions of views and shares.

He is also of Jamaican descent and his parents were both accountants. In the same line, he earned a degree in Business Management from the Florida State five years ago. But, he had switched a career path and found himself to enjoy making short comedic skits.

He has also a YouTube channel called BachelorsPadTV, in which he has around six hundred thousand subscribers with also twenty million plus views already. His channel as he calls is a “new sketch-comedy web series”.

If you’re one looper who can’t just get enough of King, you have come to the right place. Today, we have gathered some of the best vines Andrew has ever made.


Tough-looking on the outside, he’s actually has a soft interior.

This guy’s got some swag.

He laughs off at racist jokes.

Look at some of these ‘thug’ dance moves that he can easily pull off.

He could be just the next comedian action star.

He has also collaborated with Justin Bieber.

He knows when to wear his seatbelt.

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