Dwyane Wade Loves The Kids – Even When This One Decided to Call Him Out for Flopping.

You Gotta Love Dwyane Wade!

Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat loves the kids. He has two of them personally from a former relationship and one on the way from a former fling that he had during a break from his future wife, Gabrielle Union. More than likely, after he and Gabrielle Union get married later on this year, he will start working right away on adding even more kids to the list – so you can definitely say that Dwyane Wade is a “kid person.” He even runs a summer basketball camp with NBA player Brandon Marshall so he even has a high tolerance level for other people’s kids. However, his patience was tested at a recent camp session when one of the kids that he coached called him out for flopping. When you hear about how Dwyane Wade reacted to his pint-sized taunter in this interview with FOX Sports, your level of respect for Dwyane Wade will skyrocket.


Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade has a great sense of humor – even about his flopping!


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