This Video Proves Kevin Bacon Has Not Lost a Single Step Since Footloose

Kevin Bacon definitely has a sense of humor that goes beyond the realm of imagination for other A-list celebrities. He is able to truly let all of his inhibitions go and have a great time – especially since his new hit television series (“The Following”) is one of the most popular series on FOX right now. You could almost go as far as saying that Kevin Bacon definitely has a lot to celebrate…through dancing!

30 years after the hit movie and cult classic, “Footloose,” was first released to the world and skyrocketed this actor into the A list of the 80s and 90s, Kevin Bacon was able to prove on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon that he has not lost a single step since then. This viral video has already been viewed over 7.1 million times in just a few days, so make sure that you share it with your friends that haven’t seen it yet as well so you can all get a little “footloose” today!

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