Watching Kenzie Dancing with Her Dad Will Warm Your Heart Immediately

Watching Kenzie dancing with her dad is unlike any other father-daughter dance you will ever see in your life. This is because of the rare disease that Kenzie Carey has been diagnosed with from an early age. Clearly, though, that has not stopped her parents from loving her. As you can see from this video of Kenzie dancing with her dad, she is treated just as beautifully as she deserves to be treated – just like the young and vivacious girl that she is as she plays the hand she was dealt. Our hearts go out to Kenzie and her parents, especially her father, for sharing this memorable video with the rest of the world. We can all learn something from this type of unconditional love shared between a parent and their child. Watching Kenzie dancing with her dad will brighten your day, put a smile on your face and a tear in your eye!

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