These Pics of Kendall Jenner Make Her Look So Much Older than You Think!

Kendall Jenner. A young teenage girl that was born into a family that was already buried in wealth. Between the money of the former first Mrs. Kardashian and the Olympic medalist Bruce Jenner, she was definitely not born anywhere near the poverty tax bracket. However, in addition to their money, Kendall Jenner has been able to genetically adopt the good looks of both of her parents. Now, when you think about the basic principles of biology, you might easily believe that this type of genetic beauty was bound to happen. This is definitely the case with all of the Jenner kids — even the ones that Bruce had before he was with Kris. However, you can clearly see from their bloodline that this is not the case with all of the Kardashians. Kendall Jenner should work a little more on concealing her beauty a little more, though — leaving something to the imagination. Other than that, she is an absolute beauty and physical work of art. We just hope that she also has a beautiful mind to go with her beautiful body!

Kendall Jenner Is…

As you can see from these sexy pictures, she looks a whole lot older than most people think. What does this mean? Two things – (1) Kendall Jenner is going to age horribly (have you seen her father lately?) (2) Kendall Jenner still has quite a few years ahead of her of looking absolutely gorgeous.

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