She Might Be Rich, But Kendall Jenner Proved She Can’t Read in Only 30 Seconds

There are so many people that have their own opinions about Kendall Jenner. Spoiled brat is one of the many opinions in addition to “wannabe Kardashian.” There are also such statements as “future rehab patient” and “soon-to-be sellout.” However, one of the things that you may not already know about Kendall Jenner is that she cannot read. At least that is what Kendall Jenner proved to the world watching the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday night. She even admitted it herself when she clearly could not read her lines on the teleprompter. Wow! What did you think about this major flub? Was Kendall Jenner as bad as John Travolta when he botched Idina Menzel’s name at the Oscars? It’s a good thing Kendall Jenner has looks and money, because her being illiterate would completely deem her worthless if it was not for those two things.

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