Watching This Amputee Toddler Take His First Steps Will Make You Feel Like You Can Fly.

An amputee toddler takes his first steps in this viral video that will more than likely bring tears to your eyes almost immediately. Kayden is two years old and was diagnosed even before he was born with a rare condition known as Omphalocele. His mother, Nikki, decided to have the baby anyway and a mostly healthy baby was born. Due to his condition, Kayden had to have his left leg and right foot amputated. However, nothing seems to be stopping this amputee toddler from moving forward with his life one giant step at a time. He struggles to walk, but he is able to walk anyway — and doing so makes him feel amazing! As he takes his first steps with his walker, you will cry tears for joy when you hear Kayden the amputee toddler yell out, “I GOT IT!” Wow!

amputee toddler

This amputee toddler will make your heart melt with his first steps

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