All You Need to Stop a Baby from Crying is to Play This Katy Perry Song

Want to Stop a Baby from Crying? Play Katy Perry!

Are you interested in finding an effective way to stop a baby from crying? You definitely want to check out this hilarious video! Eva Baker was a distressed mom that simply could not find a quick way to get her baby to stop from crying while on this road trip. That is, of course, until she started playing the hit Katy Perry single, “Dark Horse.” As soon as the music started playing, she learned that all you need to stop a baby from crying is to play this song and then sit back & watch. When you see how fast it works in this video, you will never reach for a pacifier or stuffed animal in the car to stop a baby from crying ever again…maybe.  Like Eva, you might just need to be able to play “Dark Horse.”


stop a baby from crying

Katy Perry: The Cure for Crying Babies

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