Kama the Surfing Pig – A Breathe of Fresh Air and Relief from Funny Cat Videos

You Are Going to Love Kama the Surfing Pig!

Kama the surfing pig!

Kama is the break from cat and dog videos that you have been waiting for so long to see! Think about all of the videos of cute cats and dogs doing things that humans usually do – such as play the piano, play sports or even perform parkour. After the first few hundred (or even thousand), you might get a little bored with the idea, right? Well, fortunately, Kama the surfing pig has been able to excite us all over again when it comes to watching viral videos featuring members of the Animal Kingdom. Kama the surfing pig lives in Oahu, Hawaii and absolutely loves to go surfing on those waves with his friend Kai Holt. Well, Kai decided to hook his GoPro camera up to his surfboard during one of their latest adventures and the video quickly became one of the most viewed YouTube videos of the month so far – reaching well over 1.8 million views! Even though chances are that you have never gone surfing with a pig before (and probably will never even think about possibly doing that at any point in the future), it is still great to be able to watch a viral video on YouTube that shows that there are so many other intelligent animals out there in the world – just waiting to be filmed!

Just in case you have not seen the video yet, please enjoy getting a glimpse at our new friend – Kama the surfing pig!


Kama the surfing pig

Introducing Kama the surfing pig!

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