Justin Bieber is the New Elvis Presley – He Hates Black People But Loves Their Money

Justin Bieber has found himself in some hot water recently, especially since TMZ revealed a few videos from his past where he is dropping the N-word in racist jokes and comments in addition to talking about the KKK. Perhaps Justin Bieber is the new Elvis Presley, a young Paula Deen or even the male Paula Deen — using black people for their money but secretly hating them.

It definitely would not be a far cry from what he has been doing over the years in what seems to be the progressive self-inflicted destruction of his career. Justin Bieber has peed in mop buckets in private places, been kicked out of clubs, arrested, etc. Now that this footage of his past racist comments have been leaked online, one can only imagine whether or not this controversial scandal is the nail in the coffin of Justin Bieber and his career.

What do you think?

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