The Movie ‘Jupiter Ascending’ is a Perfect Example of Science Fiction Gone Bad

When you think about the Wachowski siblings (used to be brothers but now one of them is a woman), you more than likely think of their revolutionary film trilogy – The Matrix.  When it was announced that they would start making science fiction movies again, most people’s jaws hit the floor as they were curious to find out what this brother and “sister” duo had in store.

Then, Cloud Atlas happened. And flopped. Now, they are back at it again with Channing Tatum basically portraying their new Keanu Reeves character — bad actor that looks good and works well in action films – in the upcoming, not-really-anticipated film, “Jupiter Ascending.” When you see this trailer for Jupiter Ascending, you will be able to see exactly what we see — a high-budget, science fiction film that could have been really good but is more than likely going to be really bad instead.

Jupiter Ascending. Yeah, right. More like “Cloud Atlas Part II.”

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