John Oliver Will Surprise You with His Viewpoint on Predatory Lending – Sorta

The Other Side of Predatory Lending

Are you interested in the other side of predatory lending? Many people have been able to victimize themselves through the trap of predatory lending simply because of the urgent need to have the money that this controversial type of lending can provide. However, it has been the topic of discussion, debates and other political debacles on many different levels primarily because of the fact that the interest rates associated with predatory lending are much higher than the average loan shark on the street corner would charge you.

Sure, predatory lending companies do not threaten to break your thumbs if you miss a payment, but chances are that you would probably save a lot of money in the long run by paying those medical bills. John Oliver from Last Week Tonight with John Oliver will definitely have you thinking a little more than you ever thought you would when it comes to predatory lending right here in this clip from one of his recent shows. Even if you have never become a victim of this particular type of vicious financial lending before in the past, you might find what John Oliver has to say about it in this video to be entertaining, educational, exciting and enlightening all at the same time. On the other hand, you might hate every single word that comes out of his mouth – but that’s not going to stop you from listening to what he has to say!


predatory lending

John Oliver discusses predatory lending.

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