John Oliver Creatively Explains the American Prison System – With Singing Puppets!

John Oliver covers the American prison system…with a little help from singing puppets!

John Oliver has been able to cover a wide variety of topics since he first started his hit HBO series, Last Week Tonight. He has been able to debate against Bill Nye, nail Dr. Oz to the wall and even spent some time recently talking about the US wealth gap. This time around, John Oliver went viral by talking about another controversial yet captivating topic that has been the subject of debate for decades — the American prison system. The fact that he was able to do so with a little assistance from singing puppets made the entire discussion on the American prison system seem like an after-school special or one of the most controversial Sesame Street episodes of all time. We applaud you, John Oliver for (1) not being afraid to tackle hard topics that are our minds but not coming out of our mouths (such as the American prison system) and (2) for talking about these controversial topics (such as the American prison system) in such a colorful and creative way. Bravo!

American prison system

John Oliver. American prison system. Singing puppets. Enough said.

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