Joaquin Phoenix Has an Ordinary Forehead – Until You Look at It Rotated Upside Down.

Joaquin Phoenix’s forehead seems to be have more depth and acting abilities than Joaquin Phoenix!

When you think about it, that’s not a very easy milestone to achieve either. Joaquin Phoenix has been critically recognized as the master of on-screen body language. Within so many of his roles over the years, Joaquin Phoenix has been forced to express a wide range of emotions with his face and has done it well every single time. If you saw the Oscar-winning Spike Jonze film, Her, then you are probably familiar with the wide range of facial expressions that he had to portray in order to fully depict the emotional fluctuations of his character throughout the course of the movie. In this viral video, though, it is Joaquin Phoenix’s forehead that gets a few moments in the spotlight. Why is that? Well, if you rotate the view of Joaquin’s Phoenix forehead in this particular scene and get really close to the screen, you will be able to see something that you never knew was there before — there is a living creature!

That’s right! Inside of Joaquin Phoenix’s forehead, there is another living creature who is apparently living upside down. Pay close attention to the video as the cameraman gets closer and closer. Before long, you will start to see the eyes, nose and lips of what looks like an alien creature living in side of Joaquin Phoenix’s forehead. Wow!


Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix’s forehead has more in store than you think…

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