Joan Rivers Knows How to Dish It Out. But This Proves She Has NO Idea How to Take It.

Joan Rivers. A woman that has never been known for being soft-spoken or introverted. If anything, people have clearly said that she never knows when to shut up – especially when it comes to speaking her mind about certain topics or even specific people. However, whenever Joan Rivers feels as if she is being attacked and has her back up against the wall, she is also known for creating the biggest uproars in the world of media overall. Long before the days of YouTube and social media, Joan River was infamously known for the incident on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson that basically had her blackballed from the guest list for decades until Jimmy Fallon invited her back recently. However, CNN might not feel so excited about welcoming her back to an interview after her latest outburst. You see, Joan was being interviewed by Fredricka Whitfield and did not appreciate the negative spin that was placed on the interview at all. How did Joan react? Well, as you can see from this now-viral video (which has been watched over one million times), she stormed out while the cameras were still rolling. Wow! One thing that you can definitely say about Joan Rivers is that she is consistent.

Joan River storms away from her CNN interview. Wow!

Joan River storms away from her CNN interview. Wow!

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