Jimmy Fallon Joins Terry Crews in Nip Syncing ‘Ebony and Ivory’

Could you picture Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder writing and recording the classic duet ‘Ebony and Ivory’ together thirty years ago? You could probably see them playing their instruments, laughing and jamming along to the melodies as each track was laid down and recorded progressively. Chances are you would never picture them performing the song shirtless with their pecs bouncing to the same melody. However, that is exactly what Jimmy Fallon did with Terry Crews on The Tonight Show…sorta.  Terry Crews oiled up and definitely did it on his own just like he normally does in the Old Spice commercials and any other chance he gets to take his shirt off in front of a camera. However, Jimmy Fallon had his head superimposed on the body of another man. However, at first glance, you might think that Jimmy Fallon is just in really good shape when you see this “nip syncing battle.”  Who do you think Jimmy will challenge next to a game of nip syncing?

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